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Teddy Cook is dangerous to lesbian health

Teddy Cook, “ACON’s Director, Community Health, where she oversees client services and LGBTQ+ health, equity, and harm reduction program” (copied from her LinkedIn page, with correction of inaccurate pronouns) is a dangerous woman and a good example of the harm that gender identity ideology can cause, not only in how she treats her own body but in the far-reaching harm she is enabling though her political activism.

For example, Alex Greenwich has acknowledged Cook’s help in drafting the ‘trans and gender-diverse’ aspects of his proposed ‘Equality’ legislation, which discriminate against lesbians, other women and children. She has been welcomed into the NSW Parliament to support gender identity ideology being taught in schools, where children would learn to dissociate from their bodies and that sex is a performance rather than the material reality of their bodies. Most recently, she has been active on the international stage as a member of the highly controversial group that is seeking to influence the WHO in developing transgender guidelines that fit the trans political agenda, rather than a medical one of avoiding harm, such as to lesbians and many others. While determining policies on health at all levels of government, Teddy enjoys publicly expressing herself sexually in a range of sexual fetishisms involving bestiality, bondage, and drugs—hardly an appropriate role model for a healthy lifestyle of harm reduction.

Surely there are better paths for lesbians to fight for our rights to express our love for each other.

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