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FiLiA lesbian book group reading list for 2024

FiLiA. a feminist group in the UK, has a lesbian book group that has just published their Labrys Lit reading list for next year (how’s that for planning!?). There is a range of books (new and old, literary & romance & science fiction) to suit all lesbian tastes. The selected books meet their new standards for pluralistic representation of lesbian culture, requiring at least four books by women of colour and four books by working class women per year. You can check out the FiLiA bookshop here. You can join the Labrys Lit book group here, which meets on Zoom on the last Sunday evening of every month,  but for those in Sydney, for example, it would mean attending on a Monday at 1 am. Happy reading!

(Photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash)

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