Lesbian rights

Magdalen (1983-2019) was a British lesbian and radical feminist who cofounded For Women Scotland and fought for lesbian and women’s rights through her witty and clever YouTube commentaries. She died of a glioblastoma (brain cancer) on 13 September 2019 in Edinburgh.

You can see here a recording of her speech at the Thinking Differently: Feminists Questioning Gender Politics Conference at Conway Hall, London on 16 July 2016, when she got everyone to say: There’s no such thing as a lesbian with a penis, and here you can see a YouTube clip she made called Are Genital Preferences Transphobic? Give It Up Riley! (2017) and there’s a tribute to Magdalen by mrmenno here

Magdalen  Berns’ YouTube website is here

Julie Bindel

A UK radical feminist lesbian journalist and broadcaster with gender critical views (eg see her book Feminism. The Real Route to Liberation). She has been publishing in conservative media lately when they share her gender critical views. A video here is a discussion between Julie and the gay associate editor of The Spectator.

Lesbian herstory

A group of radical lesbian feminists (Ellen Broidy, Susan McGreivy, Liz Stevens, Marsha Salisbury) from Los Angeles discuss their work and experiences as lesbians in the early days of lesbian activism. An excerpt from the 1970 KCET news segment “The Gay Way”

‘Thinking Differently: Feminists Questioning Gender Politics’, a one-day conference held at Conway Hall, London, UK, on Saturday 16 July 2016.

01 Opening & Sheila Jeffreys 50:48

‘The Social and Political Construction of Transgenderism.’ Presentation by Professor Sheila Jeffreys.

Are You For Women’s Lib? Feminism vs. Transgenderism.’ Presentation by Lierre Keith.

‘The “Transgendering” of Children.’ Presentation by Stephanie Davies-Arai.

‘Your Fantasy is my Nightmare.’ Presentation by Jackie Mearns

‘Transgenderism and Male Violence.’ Presentation by Dr Julia Long.

‘Transgender Porn: The Bimbofication of Women.’ Presentation by Professor Sheila Jeffreys

‘How the Gender Identity Movement is Hijacking the Fight for Reproductive Sovereignty.’

‘No Platforming, Misogyny and the Silencing of Radical Feminism.’ Presentation by Julie Bindel.

‘”Gender identity” culture in student spaces: the impact on women.’ Presentation by Magdalen Berns.

Gender ideology harms lesbians

LGB Alliance (Studios (2022)

Magdalen Berns

“your dating preferences are discriminatory” – consider Magdalen’s reponse to this accusation when it’s next levelled at you after you say no to having sex with a man who claims to be a lesbian.

Quotes for resisting the rule of the male class