TERF (Totally Excellent Radical Feminist) WLRN is a website where you can access monthly podcasts produced by a radical feminist collective.

They were ‘one of the first news outlets to publicly be critical of transgender politics and ideology back in 2016.’

Each month, they ‘talk with top feminist activists and scholars from around the world, promote women’s music, report on the world news, and offer up Totally Excellent Radical Feminist commentary.’

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Thistle Petterson, singer/songwriter and eco-feminist, was one of the founders. Read her story in ‘Borne of Cancellation, Feminist Radio Station WLRN Celebrates Five Years Strong,’ 4 W, 6 May 2021.

Created and distributed by a collective of radical feminist women over 20 years ago in the US. Published three times a year, ‘with a sliding scale subscription policy to ensure affordability and accessibility for all readers.’

Rain and Thunder publishes women’s writing from radical feminist perspectives and writing that contributes to radical feminist ideas. A radical feminist perspective is one that is aware that:

  • men, as a class, are waging a war against women
  • rape, battering, incest, prostitution, pornography, poverty, heterosexuality, and gynocide are some of the main instruments of male supremacy
  • all forms of hierarchy and domination, including misogyny, racism, classism, ableism, ageism, and every other interconnected oppression, must be opposed
  • we must strive to eradicate domination and subordination from our personal lives and sexual practices
  • organized, political resistance is necessary to make change in our local communities and the world.’ inn The

Founded in the UK ‘in 2020 to create a space for the resurgent wave of feminist thinking and activism. This not-for-profit magazine is run by an all-women collective of radical and socialist feminists. We are committed to the materialist analysis of sex-based oppression, and to challenging the material and symbolic structures of male dominance. This moment is a historic opportunity to deepen and widen the analysis of all aspects of women’s political condition, and its foundational role in all systems of extraction and domination.’

‘Published twice a year. Subscribers will receive a print copy of the magazine around the summer and winter solstices, with payments taken via a six-monthly rolling subscription. Subscription includes access to our online Content Archive of past issues. Further information for existing subscribers can be read here. Please email any subscription questions or requests to