Lesbian Elders

Old Lesbians is a documentary by Arden Eversmeyer, who travelled across the US to collect oral herstories for her Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project  before she, too, passed on.

Here’s the link to it on the Guardian website.

And there are Australian connections, too. Lavender and Jean Taylor were interviewed by Arden through their participation in the group Lesbians Organising for Change (OLOC), where Arden began collecting life stories from lesbians. OLOHP has published two books:

* Arden Eversmeyer & Margaret Purcell 2009, A Gift of Age: Old Lesbian Life Stories, OLOHP Houston TX. and

* Arden Eversmeyer & Margaret Purcell 2012, Without Apology: Old Lesbian Life Stories, OLOHP Houston TX.