The Coalition Of Activist Lesbians Australia Inc. (COAL) is a national women’s
human rights non-government organisation having accreditation with the United
Nations Economic and Social Commission and the UN Commission for the Status of

Our work is to educate, support and advocate for the participation, rights,
inclusion and fair treatment of Australian lesbian women locally, nationally and

COAL has worked with other lesbian, women’s and feminist
organisations as well as general organisations in the public, private and community

COAL is a self-funded autonomous community organisation without paid
staff or complex infrastructure and we aim to listen as well as to speak.

While COAL is not a service provider organisation, aged care and other human services
policy and practices are core interests and have been addressed through research
papers, submissions to governments and others, community publications, action
research, personal narratives, art and other cultural works, conference
presentations, community education and participation in consultative, advisory and
management structures.