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Theory & Politics

Bev Jo, Linda Strega & Ruston Dykes-Loving-Dykes Dyke Separatist Politics.

This key lesbian text originally published by Battleaxe ,Oakland, CA in c1990 is now available from one of the author’s blog in updated form (2015) online for free--2nd hand booksellers are charging $100s. Love your politics Bev Jo.

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Table of Contents



Part I (Same-sex) marriage as institution

  • Marriage and family as value in liberal capitalist societies
  • From subversive challenge to liberal rights
  • State rationales: Three case studies

Part II Selling same-sex marriage

  • Rainbowing the workplace
  • Same-sex wedding tourism
  • Same-sex marriage intersectionally: Gender, cass and race dynamics

Part III The political economy of “rainbow families”

  • “Working families”: Parenting, productivity and policy
  • “Caring families” and the (still) gendered privatisation of risk
  • Gay dads: The “queered” political economy of surrogacy
  1. Conclusion




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Spinifex Press

For a recent interview by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang with radical feminist and lesbian publishers Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein,  see here.

You can find their gender critical pack here.

Longbreast Press

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